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Adding accounts

edited December 2014 in Checker Plus for Gmail
I am working on the option to manually add accounts and stay signed in, but currently the only option is to auto-detect accounts.

Adding accounts will fix many issues:
  • Using multiple accounts would sometimes stop detecting particular accounts after a while
  • You will be able to see all labels associated to each email
  • You will easily be able to select and monitor the Primary category and others
  • You can clear your cookies or use other privacy extensions without interfering with new email detection
  • No more formatting issues when replying within popup window
  • Support for Conversation view off
  • You can unstar emails
  • You can sign into Inbox by Gmail without going to the Gmail site


  • This would be fantastic as I keep adding accounts but they just disapear after a few days then I have to go through the hassle of re adding them. Thanks, can't wait for the new update! :)
  • Great, let us know when you got it set up. I dont want to have my main email being read out loud all night long, I only got it for a client's email account.
  • @mrdeleted I believe you could just use the "Ignore account" in the Accounts/Labels options for that.
  • cool option!
  • I gave this extension a 1 star earlier today after spending more than two hours trying to get multiple accounts working on my wife's PC. I went through the add accounts/clear cookies/reset chrome dance over and over w/o success.  Very frustrating.

     If the reliance on Google's Multiple Account Sign-in is removed (I believe this is where the problem lies) I'll be happy to re-review this app. 
  • @jed.evnull it's exactly what I've been developing for the last 30 days! I'm hoping to slowly rollout this new functionality in the next weeks, you're welcome to inform others by perhaps mentioning it via a small update to your review.
  • I've done that.  I look forward to an update.
  • Great. Also, note, I have had loads of issues requiring a reinstall with the extension detecting the same account over and over and again; So that I have like 6 different entries for the same account.

    I would way rather add accounts manually.
  • When will you begin to slowly roll out this feature? ;)
  • @manuel.bieh
    I had to re-engineer the current auto-detecting infrastructure while integrating the adding account method. Since I changed a lot of the code, the next update will technically have both components, but I will still keep the adding method option disabled so that I can test only that my auto-detect changes did not break anything existing. After about a week I will then slowly roll out another version with the adding method that can be enabled by the user. A rough estimate is a couple of weeks before having the adding accounts "option" enabled. Good news is that in my re-engineering I also found and fixed some issues in the auto-detecting.
  • Well, just to say your are doing a great job!
    I appreciate your work.
  • edited December 2014
    @cobble Thank you very much, it's very appreciated.
  • edited January 2015
    This new feature is finally live for everyone as of my Gmail extension version 18.0.3

    It's been about a month i've been slowly rolling it out for beta testing. More info here on the feature here: http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods

    You're all welcome to let me know how it goes and if you encounter any issues, thanks for the support.
  • edited January 2015
    Excellent! Thanks for the update! Donation sent from ****@nospam.gmail.com
  • @jed.evnull awesome and thanks for the updated review :)
  • My wife's machine is having an issue where she is unable to switch between accounts; it stays 'stuck' on an account, even when you click another to open its inbox.  I've captured this into a brief screencap video (29Mb); if you'd like to see this problem in action, let me know.  In the meantime I've had to turn off the new feature. 
  • @jed.evnull

    ok send me video, but, refer to my screenshot below maybe this is the issue.

  • That gives an ERROR:{}, however, deleting the accounts, then re-adding them seemed to get them back in sync.
  • @jed.evnull

    Has she recently changed the order of accounts or signed in and out of accounts etc. or done anything that could be of note with the accounts?

    If it happens again let me know or send me the video.
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