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Google's new Inbox by Gmail

edited November 2014 in Checker Plus for Gmail
Inbox runs on Gmail, so it will not affect Gmail or my extensions. Essentially, it's just a redesigned Gmail with added functionality. I have already integrated some Inbox by Gmail features into my extension.
Let me know what else you would like me to integrate into my Gmail extension.


  • edited October 2014
    Hi - is it possible to get an icon set that match the new Inbox look and feel?

    If it'll help I could probably get a friend to create some icons and submit it to you.
  • Could you add an option to "Button click action" to have it take you to inbox.google.com?
  • edited October 2014
    @james.chao I'm not sure I can use their exact icons, but I'll keep it in mind, thanks for the suggestion.

    @kevin.mayo I will investigate that, and maybe I'll create an option to globally open all links to inbox.google.com instead of mail.google.com
  • Cool, thanks.
  • Hi Jason,

    As I mentioned earlier -

    Would love to see an option in the Chrome extension that allows you to open "Inbox" by default instead of "Gmail"

    It would be awesome if that functionality could be added to the compose menu as well! The new e-mail notification options are fine the way they are, except "Inbox" has a sort of tick icon for archiving everything which would help also.

    Since it is a very new service and under active development, currently both "Inbox" and "Gmail" are accessible together and not everyone might want to switch or even, like me, may use both simultaneously. So it would be best if there was an option or check box in the extension settings asking to choose which one to open, that would be perfect!

    Thank you so much.

  • edited October 2014
    Hi Jason.
    I donated for the full version of your Gmail extension- brilliant! Just echoing others here. I'm loving Google's new Inbox look. Someone else has already used the Inbox icon for their own very basic Inbox notifier extension- nowhere near your quality. So I'm assuming it shouldn't be an issue you using the icon too- maybe as part of the option for users to be directed to inbox instead of gmail? To be honest I'd just be happy with that- to be taken to Inbox site instead of Gmail site.
    Looking forward to the update. Keep up the great work!

    If you're on Google+ I'd like to invite you to the Inbox community there: https://plus.google.com/communities/103047572026358810759
  • Hey, thanks for everything :)
    at first -> just replay and open eMails in Google Inbox View would be perfect.

    Thanks a lot :)
  • edited October 2014
    @barry.ward Thanks, I'm right in the midst of integrating the option to open directly into the new inbox instead of Gmail, but now I have to figure which buttons/actions should do that and which should still open in Gmail, such as when clicking reply button etc. Since currently there is no url paramters for the inbox.google.com to open to the reply message, only to open directly to the "homepage" of this new inbox.
  • Thanks for responding Jason- yes that makes perfect sense for now till you are given the URL parameters. So things such as your Contacts button will still have to go to the old Gmail page of course. One small request- change the "Archive" button to "Done" if people opt for Inbox, to keep it consistent ;-)
    By the way, what are your own opinions on Inbox? I'm assuming you've had a good play
  • @barry.ward Good idea with the "Done" terminology. As for my opinion, the learning curve of organizing your email might be too heavy, but I love the interface. The reminders in my opinion should be merged between Google Keep, Inbox for Gmail and Google Calendar, but perhaps that's my dev job ;)
  • Hi Jason, I think the reminders are unified between Inbox, Keep, and Google Now. For example if you do a google search for "My reminders" the reminders from all those services will show up as one.

    But yeah Google Calendar is still hanging out there by itself... :)
  • Yea I stopped using Google Calendar for reminders. I like how reminders are unified between Google Now and Inbox at least. You can set one in Now and it will show in Inbox, and vice versa.
  • Hi Barry - yeah seems like a good idea.

    Do you even use reminders for things like recurring events? It actually has pretty good support for recurring events in the Android apps (it looks just like the interface in Google Calendar).

    However, the web interface for adding reminders doesn't seem to have option for recurring events...
  • @kevin.mayo and all others:

    I have just added an option to open the "Inbox by Gmail" instead of Gmail in my latest extension update 17.2.10
    The automatic update will take a couple of days or you can force it with these instructions
  • Thanks for the quick update!
  • @James yes I use reminders for recurring events. The desktop version of Inbox does in fact have an option for it. When creating your reminder, click the clock, click "select date and time", choose the date of the first occurrence, then you'll see one of the options "Does not repeat". Click that and change to "Daily" or "Monthly" etc etc 
  • @Jason, uninstalled, reinstalled, and now have the latest version. I've now opted to show contacts within the pop-up too, so that's one less reason to go to the old gmail page too. Thanks very much for your hard work.  Well done :)
  • Thank you Jason! 

    The update hasn't been pushed out to me yet (have tried the Developer mode -> update option too) but am sure it will work great, thank you again for pushing this out so fast!

  • edited October 2014
    Please do use the Inbox by Gmail icon in the toolbar. I'm quite confident you won't be sued for $millions, or even $1. You're drawing publicity to their product for free. Better still, allow us to set our own icon from existing tabs or extensions, then we can choose to 'risk' using the Inbox by Gmail tab's icon. Thank you.
  • When I click on a rich notification, it flicks to my existing, pinned Inbox by G tab.
    But when I click on the toolbar icon, it opens a new unpinned Inbox by G tab. Please make it flick to the existing one rather than open multiples.

    Also, please add "Snooze" as an option, along with "Mark done". We can set a default snooze time, e.g. 1 hour. Thanks!
  • @Jason Yea I there's two things I'd like changing for now- 1) At least have the option to change to an Inbox icon for the button. 2) For Inbox you've changed the archive button icon to a tick which is great, but when you hover the cursor over it it still says "Archive"- it would make more sense to change it to say "Done".  Ideally I'd like a snooze option as Christian says above, but I suspect that falls under requiring the URL parameters that Google haven't supplied yet of course.
  • @christian.j simpson I will gladly add the Inbox by Gmail icon if you or anyone can find me official online documentation that I am allowed.

    @barry.ward I purposely kept the "Archive" wording because as you guessed I am not using any official Gmail by Inbox API calls, and all that Done button is doing is actually archiving.

    Snooze button:
    Until an official Inox by Gmail API is released any "Snooze" operation by me would only be reflected inside Checker Plus and not be recognized by Inbox by Gmail, thus I'd rather not create confusion for my users.
  • Long time user and $ contributor.  You are so on top of things. I am excited to see support for Inbox.
  • @jason.savard I doubt I'll find anything that says you can or can't use their icon. They say don't be evil, so they wouldn't. But I maintain, let us choose an icon ourselves from a currently open tab, thus satisfying the user and absolving yourself of worry :)
  • @jason.savard

    There's one feature that might be interesting for those who use Inbox by Gmail but I'm not sure it can be done. I'll leave my opinion here and you can evaluate it!

    It would be nice to have an option to make it appear the count of how many emails are on the inbox, it doesn't matter if they are read or not!
  • First, I was blown away when I thought a few days ago "I wonder if there's some way I could trick the extension into going to my Inbox page instead" and, lo and behold, you'd already put an option in to do just that.  Best extension ever.

    That said... :)  Do you know anything about the internals of how they deal with "show this bundle once per day/week"?  I haven't been able to suss much out; it'd be nice to not see those show up in the new mail count until the bundle is actually visible in the Inbox inbox.  If it's possible, that is, and I don't know that it is.
  • @james.chao I have integrated some Inbox by Gmail features into my latest extension version including the ability to add your own custom icon such as the Inbox by Gmail icon.
  • @jason - awesome thanks!

    FYI I threw together some icons for Inbox by Gmail for all are interested.

    Also - one unrelated question regarding force update. I haven't been able to update your Gmail extension using force update with developer setting. It's probably due to your partial rollout, but I've always had to go with the ugly route of uninstalling/re-installing....is there any better way to do this?
  • @james.chao thanks for the icons I will add them to my site. For the update, if you're patient it will arrive to everyone but the ugly way is the only way to bypass my partial rollout, its important to prevent widespread issues.
  • @jason.savard - yeah no problem. It's only once in a blue moon that I'd need to update so quickly anyway.

    Thanks again for the good work!
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