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Minor glitch with Yahoo Email

Not bad, but now and then in Yahoo email, it reverts to narrow style. But ads are still blocked.
When this happens, I disable and then reenable your add-on and it is back to normal. Also I can not post at the forum for bugs. Your system or web site, seems to think I am a Spammer (which is most assuredly not the case) ... Thank you

This is with Firefox 28.0 ... as of right now, not very happy with the latest look and feel of newest Firefox.

I was able to get this posted using Opera 


  • edited October 2014
    Thank you for contacting me and sorry for the hoops, but ironically those hoops indicated the core issue which might be the very old Firefox version you are using. The latest version is 33 and my apps can only support the latest version for security reasons. I have the same extension for Chrome, perhaps you can try that one on Chrome.
  • I do not use Chrome ... and Firefox 28 is very stable and secure. It is just the interface (look and feel) of the new Firefox why I won't upgrade. I just can not stand the look or the ability to completely customize the toolbars to my liking. 99.5% of the time, your extension does what it should in Yahoo Email in Firefox 28. At this time, I can not really say if the glitch is with your extension or something that those birdbrains at Yahoo email might be doing. And please do something about the spammer indications. A lot of people do not have or want alternate browsers or the need to open another one, just to get to one or two specific web sites. ... Thanks
  • I and the Firefox team firmly deny your statement about your old Firefox version being secure, it is not, because it is 5 versions older than the current version 33. I'm sorry that you don't like the new look and feel, but there are always extensions and themes which can customize that for you.

    Below is a statement taken directly from Firefox's security page and it's the first one listed:

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