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Suggestion AND question

edited November 2013 in General
I have switched to Mac a few months back and I liked the ability to hit control I believe it was an open in a new browser without closing checker plus for gmail so I can delete it without having to physically go into the email to delete it after clicking on a link. Is there a way to do it on mac as well?

Suggestion - would love to be able to temporarily remove from the list messages that I don't want to read or delete at the moment - sometimes this can be quite a few. Would love to see a way to temporarily snooze these items from being in the list since there are only a certain number of emails as a time in this list. Does that make sense? I get hundreds of emails per day and sometimes want to go further down on the list - rather than scrolling through several emails I have bypassed to get one specific email I can snooze certain emails that won't reappear in the list if I don't delete or read them for like 15 minutes. Thank you for your great work!


  • question: see what is the method used on regular websites to open links in new tabs etc. on a mac and i'll try to integrate that in my gmail extension if it is not doing that already.

    suggestion: it's a good suggestion, i'll keep it in mind, but i guess the best would be to star and mark as read perhaps for now.
  • Very much appreciated!  Thank you.  Your suggestion is what I do for a temp fix, just something to think about. Again, thanks and keep up the great work - it is much appreciated - saves me  A LOT of time.
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