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Bug with "new" looks windows

New looks do not render as in the past now. E.g., in the new monthly view window, I can only see 3 weeks and a half and a scroll bar appears to navigate to the other week and a half.

Extension unistalled and re-installed twice. The problem has persisted for the last days.


When going from daily of weekly views to monthly view unexpected window behaviour again:


  • Try changing the option: General > "Popup window zoom" to 75%.

    ps. Have you changed any zoom or resolution settings in your Chrome or PC recently?
  • The popup window zoom changes (75% or any other) change in my system the size of the window but also the size of the calendar size, font size,... (it's a zoom as its option name promise ;-) ).
    I have not change my zoom or resolution recently. I am using a Dell laptop with win 8.1
    I have also tried to change chrome zoom but no effect on the calendar extension.
    Thanks in advance
  • Hmm, ok it might be because you have too many "festivos" events in the month of sept. stop partying so much :)
    Try hiding that calendar with the settings button and click the the festivos calendar to hide it then reload the popup window and see if that changes things.

    ps. Did you perhaps noticed the issue only started happening in sept.? or with paricular events or calendars visible etc.?
  • Too many festivos, yes ;-) but even working all the days the window does not fit the calendar cells.
    I cannot remember when it began to happen but could be a couple of weeks (not sure, maybe).

  • Can you try right clicking the calendar icon at the top right of the browser and then click "inspect popup"
    then copy paste the logs you see in the "Console" tab and send them to me.
  • I can not see this option Jason. The options that appear are: "Checker plus for google calendar", "Configuración" (Setup?), "Eliminar de Chrome" (Chrome's Remove?), "Ocultar botón" (hide button?) and "Administrar" (Manage?).
  • Windows working again, I just don't know how.


    Today I'm working again with two screens again (laptop plus external monitor) after a few days. I have tried again only using one screen and the calendar extensions looks fine.

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