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Log in -> logged in, log off -> logged off

When I'm logged in my gmail account using chrome (I mean when I have gmail opened in chrome tab) checker is logged in, but when I log off my account and go to another web page checker also logs off. So it's useless for me. Is there any solution? 


  • For security reasons my extension is behaving exactly that way as intended.
    If I were to stay logged in when you signed out I would be gettings lot of complaints :)
    You might want to look into my other app that can keep you signed in by granting access https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/multiple-account-checker/dnimhgelcnggigekhdjlifjpndgmnglm
  • Ok so let me see if I understand this. 

    So I start chrome with your extension, I log in to my gmail account and I see that I have no new emails, I take a look at your extension in the upper right corner and it is displaying 0 new emails. 

    Are you telling me that as soon as I close my chrome tab which was displaying my gmail account that your extension stop working? Are you telling me that in order for your extension to work I have to have an open chrome tab which is logged in my gmail account and displaying my emails? 
  • No, my extension auto-detects your signed in accounts (all the info is here about remember your signed in state etc. http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Checker_Plus_for_Gmail#Auto-detecting_signed_in_accounts)

    You mentioned "log off" last time and yes that will stop my extension from detecting your signed in state, but simply "closing a tab" will not affect my extension, restarting the browser, however, will depend on your cookie and remember me state.

    Essentially the logic is very simply for my extension - but maybe difficult for users's to comprehend ... if my extension detects your Gmail cookies - then you are signed in, or else you are not. So if you deleted them anyway or they expire - i will not detect your account.
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