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Keyboard Shortcut to Take a Screenshot?

I love the annotation features of you screenshot tool, but I'm wondering if there is (or will be) a way to take the screenshots using a keyboard shortcut?

I ask because I want to create some user-support tutorials that involve indicating what commands in the File menu a user should use. However, to capture a screenshot currently I need to move my cursor to the extension button on my browser, and when I do that the drop-down menu (as pictured below) will disappear because the cursor has moved off it. 

Is there a workaround to this?



  • Done :) Uninstall and re-install my screenshot extension to get the latest beta version 6.9 - and then follow these instructions http://goo.gl/OZXCc8
    ps. Great idea by the way, it was easy to integrate.
  • Andrew, you're on a Mac, so you can make use of the Mac's keyboard shortcut that takes a screenshot and saves it to your clipboard: Command-control-shift-4. 

    When you press those keys, it temporarily "freezes" the current state of the screen (with a menu dropped down, for example). 

    Then just select the area you want to capture by dragging, and when you release the mouse or trackpad button, you'll hear the "shutter" sound, but no file will be created; instead, the shot has been saved to your clipboard. Then click on the Explain & Send extension and choose "Open from clipboard" 
    Your screen capture will open in a new tab, ready for editing.
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