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Replying from default account and not from recipient account

Hi Jason,

first off - thank you SO EVER LIVING MUCH for this extension.

Along with my password manager and adblocker, this is the most important functionality in my chrome experience.


In my Gmail account I have hooked up several accounts which all share the same inbox, but I always reply from the account to which the email was sent. That's not the case when replying through Checker Plus.


Let's say I have a gmail account called GoogleMail@gmail.com.

I then have several domains with emails accounts. Gmail -> Settings -> Accounts and Imports -> Send email as.

Let's call one of them admin@website.com

In Gmail whenever I receive an email at admin@website.com in Gmail, and when I reply to the email it's also from admin@website.com, even though it's handled through gmail.com with the login GoogleMail@gmail.com.

But when reply through the extention to an email sent to another account, the reply is always sent from GoogleMail@gmail.com.

And as you can imagine, that causes a lot of confusion in the conversations, that some rando account is suddenly replying 😂.

Is this a setting I have missed or a missing feature?

Thank you gain.


  • Have you tried the manual add method: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods

    it operates differently.

  • Hi Jason, thank you for your quick reply.

    I just checked it out, but I'm not sure it's a solution. The other emailadresses are not accounts, they are more or less aliases handled by Gmail.

    I'm not seeing a straight forward way to make Checker Plus see these aliases - since there's only one common login for all of them.

  • I would be curious if you could test it though with the manual add, and should it fail I will investigate it to see if there's a solution available to me to detect these aliases.

  • Tested it. Same behaviour. It replies from the gmail account, not from the recipient account.

    Any other suggestions?

  • Ok I will queue this for investigation on my side, thanks for verifying it.

  • Cheers. Thank you very much.

    Have a great day.

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