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Google Pay donation button leads to Stripe

When trying to contribute both with the Checker Plus for Gmail extension as well as the contribute button on this site, the Google Pay option leads to Stripe, the same place as when you select pay with card.


  • That's possible, but does the payment flow still work? Can you send me a screenshot?

  • It works, but it leads to the Stripe one where you have to put in card info, not Google Pay.

  • Is it possible you don't have Google Pay on that device? Because I just tried it I and I get different result.

  • Strange, I tried on Edge, Chrome, and Firefox and all get the same result.

  • And to be clear I'm trying on my computer.

  • Ah I just tried on my phone and it works, so this is a PC specific issue.

  • Ok good, if you go into browser settings for Payment methods, do you have any cards saved their with the Google pay logo.

  • I do not

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