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Adding_Facebook_events_to_Google_Calendar fails

I have read https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Adding_Facebook_events_to_Google_Calendar and find the first approach does not work

When I try, I get the message "To detect Facebook events you need to disable third-party cookie blocking in Firefox".

I tried addressing the issue as follows:

  • visited about:preferences#privacy
  • allowed all cookies
  • reload all pages
  • restart firefox
  • confirm the above settings have stuck

But I still get the message.

I am using firefox 126.0.1


  • Thanks for reporting this, it seems in Firefox v128 (currently we are at 126) they will release a fix that is related to this facebook feature in my extension, I expect it out in a about 2 months and that's when I'll follow up with this:


  • Excellent.

    For now my workaround is via .ics export/import.

    I eagerly await this fix, and would appreciate some follow-up here if possible alerting me to what changes I might need to make to start using this capability again.


  • I link these discussions directly to tickets in my internal system that once resolved I loop back here and report as fixed :)

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