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[Bug] Some snoozed emails will show as unread

Some of my snoozed e-mails are showing up in the extension and are not supposed to be there. I think it has something to do with the labels, but not all of the labeled emails are showing up, so I'm confused.


  • Which labels are you monitoring the accounts/labels options?

  • Here are the labels.

  • Oh interesting edge case, so I was able to replicate the issue and it is caused by the fact that your explicitly monitoring those labels, however the API is not yet able to identify Snoozed emails, which basically only means they temporarily do not have to the "inbox" label. So the extension is correctly fetching these emails according to the rules. I could look into a workaround option that you would have to opt in to say that it must have the "inbox" label ie. not snoozed, but that means if you archive emails that have a label you want to monitor then they will no longer be fetched as they would look just like snoozed emails which have no "inbox" label. Hope that wasn't too complicated to explain :)

  • Thank you for your quick answer Jason! If understand it happens because of a limitation of the Google API that doesn't provide information about snoozed emails. Is there any workaround I could use to fix it? Those labels are essential for me.

  • There is no easy workaround, I can only recommend to keep monitoring those labels knowing some of those have been snoozed and you can star this API issue to encourage the Google team to support snooze APIs:


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