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The extension is in crashloop with "Only a single `reason` is currently supported"

The extension appears to not be logged in, giving the above errors.

I tried logging in again, refreshing, restarting chrome, restarting computer or reinstalling the extension but none of these fixed the problem.

This started happening many months ago, actually, and I kind of gave up, but lately I've really been missing this, so I wanted to bring this up.


  • Which Chrome version are you using? is it the stable version?

  • I am using chromium v114.0.5735.198 on Arch Linux, indeed from the stable release.

  • Okay, silly me actually.

    I've had a few issue trying to upgrade the system, but I ran through them now, and it seems the extension works on the up-to-date version of chromium.

    Cheers, and sorry for the inconvenience.

    (If you intentionally don't support older versions of chrome, maybe it's a good idea to put a more explicit error. I was truly stumped).

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