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Show a warning before videos get too long

Hi Jason,

I recorded a 15 minutes video.

I stopped the recording and wanted to save it to drive.

However, I received an error that the video somehow was too long.

The editor crashed, and I had no way of recovering the video.

I had to manually recorded if off the screen using my smartphone.

Thus, my proposal to show a warning when a video gets too long.


  • How often does this happen?

    Does it only happen for long videos, what's your usual video length?

  • I would say out of 10 videos, two are having some issues after recording that makes the videos unrecoverable.

    Average length is max 5 minutes.

    This 15 minutes video was a rare exception.

    The weird thing is when those issues happen, I can still play those videos just fine as long as I don't reload or close the tab.

    However, I have no way of saving/rescuing them locally.

    The context menu entry to save the video is greyed out.

  • Which context menu entry is grayed out?

    Because you should be presented with these options after the recording is stopped...

  • I am talking about this option which is greyed out when the editor crashes for one reason or another.

  • Ok 2 questions, does your machine have lot of memory of free disk space?

    And how can the editor crash and yet you still have access to the context menu?

  • Yes, my machine does have enough memory and disk space. This should not the problem.

    I click stop sharing

    The editor opens in a new tab

    On this tab I then get an error, for example that the video was too long.

    I have no way of recovering the video.

    None of those buttons work:

    And when I perform a right mouse click on the video, I cannot save it either.

    In this example it works because I didn't get any error.

  • Ok i'll queue this for investigation, obviously a bit tricky given the recording lengths that need to be tested, for now I would limit the length of your videos, but I would be curious what is the exact threshold.

  • Thanks!

    Is there a way you can think of that allows downloading/rescuing the video locally when an error occurs after finishing the recording?

  • edited June 4

    I haven't encountered this, so I can't answer before I investigate, but I'll try to prevent it in the first place.

  • Great, thanks!

    Can't you try to reproduce it by creating a long video such as I did?

    It should then crash and show you that it is impossible to recover/download the video.

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