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Object is not extensible error when trying to enable show contact photos

I'm trying to show contact photos but I'm getting this error immediately after signing in

TypeError: Cannot add property 1, object is not extensible


  • Ok thanks can you repeat this and send me service worker logs as instructed here:


  • @Jason

    not available






    loadLocaleMessages: 0.251953125 ms


    initAllAccounts: 134.577880859375 ms


    showError TypeError: Cannot add property 1, object is not extensible

    at Array.push (<anonymous>)

    at postPermissionsGrantedForContacts (checkerPlusForGmail.js:2371:22)

    at async oauth2callback.js:103:21

    at async processOAuthUserResponse (oauth2callback.js:25:31)

    at async oauth2callback.js:102:17

  • ok excellent I found the issue, it seems to be triggered when attempting to show contacts for your 2nd account or more, not the 1st one, I will be pushing a fix in the next days for this, thanks again for the feedback.

  • @Jason Okay sounds good. Thank you so much for your time!

  • Good news v27.0.1 is live with the fix, you can force the update with this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

  • @Jason Awesome thank you so much! That worked!

    Also, for some reason changing the colors for the accounts doesn't seem to do anything... They're the same color. What am I doing wrong? lol

  • Did you setup different colors for them with the account menu to the right of each account.

  • Yes I did & the colors show the picked color when I click on it but it doesn't show anywhere else.

  • Ah there might be a conflict with the theme you have chosen, do you know which ones you have applied?

  • Ohh that makes sense. I applied the theme Newspaper.

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