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BUG - All Emails Triggered Notification Despite Having It Set for Important Ones Only

Ever since the last update I'm getting notifications for all email despite having it set to important only in inbox. I deleted then re-add the accounts but still the same result. I'm using V 27.0 on Chrome.


  • Which method are you using auto-detect or manual add? and have you tried switching?

  • Manual. I haven't tried switching because real time notifications only available with manual add.

  • Ok I will queue this for investigation, although I haven't changed much logic on the labels.

    I just tested it and it seems to be working for me, can you show me screenshots of the discrepancies.

  • Sorry, what do you mean by 'disrepancies'? Do you want to see the screenshot of my Account/Label settings?

    And to elaborate more on what I've been experiencing, the non-important mail gives me sound notification, but it doesn't show up on the icon badge counter. The normal situation would be no sound notification at all and no badge counter.

  • Ok so the easiest to diagnose any label issue is to mark emails as unread in your Gmail and see what shows up in checker plus window and make sure they match what you are monitoring. If you find a dependency there let me know with screenshots of what you see in gmail and checker plus that doesn't match up.

  • OK here's the result after I tried marking the existing mails as unread:

    • - Important mail: badge shows up with matching content, no sound notification though (is this normal? considering it's not a newly arrived mail)
    • - Non-important mail: no sound notification and no badge (the intended behavior).
  • Ok so the labels are working, it might just be a sound thing, are you getting any sounds at all?

    If so refer to this: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Sound_issues

  • I am getting the sounds. What I don't want is getting the sound for non-important mails. I am going to try resetting my system and reinstalling the extension, will let you know the result later. Thanks!

  • ok, can you send me a picture of your labels/accounts so I understand which labels are monitored.

  • Hi this is what my labels settings look like. As you can see, I set the notification for important mails only. Both emails use the same setting.

    I have tried reinstalling the extension but the problem still persist.

  • So I'm bit confused, how are you getting any email notifications for non-important emails if you are only monitoring the important and inbox emails?

  • That is why I reported this as a bug.

    And to answer your question, I receive just sound notification (without badge and preview on the icon) when a non-important mail came in. This is something that should'nt be happening.

  • And are you positive this sound is coming from my extension or maybe Gmail itself, do you have other extensions or browser profiles?

  • Hm let me tinker with my browser setting and do a bit more test.

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