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Cache from previous emails from same sender

Hi !

I encountered a weird behaviour : the extension seems to display mail body preview from old message (the message title is ok).

I I open this message in Gmail, even with "viewing original message", I cannot find the text displayed in the preview.

The body preview matches with a mail I received one year ago, but which is no longer present in my mailbox (even in trash).

Not dramatic bug, but I needed to report it :)



  • Is this mail title actually a new email in itself? and just body doesn't match the content of this email?

    You can locate any unread emails with this:


  • The title displayed in the preview is the real title from a new email and yes, "just body doesn't match the content of this email"

    I checked, no other unread emails in my whole Gmail account ;)

  • ok and when you click to preview the email fully within the checker plus window, is the email body correct then?

  • Yes, the email body is correct when I do the action you ask me :) (clicking on the email to see full preview)

  • Ok so that email preview text is sometimes pulled form the text version of the email, it's possible that sender is not correctly sending it, have you noticed the issue with other senders?

  • No I didn't have the problem with other senders.

    I wasn't able to check the text version of the email but nothing in the email contains the bad text (i downloaded the .eml, same thing).

  • Can you forward that email to me, use the email address that get you get these forum emails from.

  • My hypothesis is correct, the text version of their email contains what you see. so no caching just bad sender ;)

  • Damned! Thanks !

    (which tool did you use to decrypt the base64 code of the mail? a standard base64 decrypter?)

  • edited May 28

    I just punched in into chatgpt very powerful ;) i said decrypt this and pasted the code and voila.

  • Thanks !

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