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Make sure you are signed into the browser for the sync to complete

As shown in images 1-3, I have confirmed that the browser is logged into the account, the plugin is also logged into the account, but it cannot sync (image 4).


  • If it says Done, it should be successfully saved to your account, did you then try loading the options from another browser?

  • So, "Make sure you are signed into the browser for the sync to complete" is just a prompt and not a warning?

  • Correct.

  • I found that this misunderstanding was caused by an error in localization translation. Due to the need to post, I temporarily changed it to English and took a screenshot, so I didn't notice "Done." In Chinese, "确认" is not "done," but more like "YES" or "Sure." I suggest translating it as "已保存"(Saved) or "已完成"(Completed) to be more appropriate.

  • Yes, I have now queued it to make it more clear to the user, thanks for the feedback.

  • I encountered a new error: I saved the configuration, then removed "Checker Plus for Gmail" from the browser, and reinstalled the plugin from the Chrome Web Store (I wanted to verify if cloud sync works through this process). After logging into the account in the plugin and clicking "Load options," I received the message shown in the image. When I click save and then click load, the issue does not occur.

  • Does this mean that the plugin does not support cloud sync?

  • Other plugins I use that also require Google account sync, such as Tampermonkey, do not have this issue.

  • The admin section is not perfect as it is only occasionally used, and more of a bonus, best to just take screenshots of your options if you want to manually sync them over.

  • I don't think so because your plugin frequently disconnects, and logging in again means resetting everything. I suggest you refer to the "CrxMouse Mouse Gestures" saving solution, which allows exporting configuration codes that users can save locally as a .txt file and copy-paste when needed. Your suggestion of using screenshots for backups is not very good because there are too many options.

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