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Memory leak?

When I start Chome and open the built-in Task Manager I see Checker Plus for Gmail uses approx. 50MB but within several hours the memory usage of this extension keeps growing to over 130MB and resets only when I restart Chrome. Is there a memory leak or is this by design?


  • And I have only 3 gmail accounts set up (automatic detection).

  • I consider that memory usage par for the course, should they hit excessive numbers over 1G than I would review it, but note I also recently migrated to mv3 https://jasonsavard.com/blog/making-extensions-safer-with-manifest-v3/

    this means the extension can complete unload from memory when it's not in use.

    You could try increasing the extension Options .. Accounts .. Polling interval to something large than 30 seconds - to give the extension time to unload from memory.

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