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Hover text shows old emails

When I hover over the Checker Plus icon on my browser (without clicking), the hover text shows a list of a dozen or so emails with sender, subject, and header copy, except the messages it shows are several months old and never change. Unable to capture a screenshot because pressing a key on the keyboard makes the hover text disappear.


  • And if you do click, what emails are shown in extension popup window? the same ones?

  • No, the popup window shows the most recent emails as expected.

  • This is happening on Chrome across two different machines. I installed the extension on Edge to test it there, and it's showing the correct (most recent) messages on hover.

  • That is bizarre, have you tried restarting the browser.

  • Yes, this has actually been going on for a few months, through multiple browser restarts and updates.

  • So no matter what you do it never works even temporarily? even between restarts etc.

  • edited May 20

    Correct. It's been the same list of emails and hasn't changed at all. But here's a new wrinkle: I just removed and reinstalled the extension, and initially it was showing all new emails in the hover text. But then I went into Options and set them to Add accounts and stay signed in, real-time polling, Primary and Updates tabs only...and the same list of old emails reappeared.

  • Ok I like the debugging, and if you revert to auto-detect does it work again?

    Also curious if you don't check the Updates, a couple of tests might help me to understand and replicate it on my end.

  • But wait, there's more! The email I got from the forum when you sent your last message showed up at the top of the list, with the older ones still showing below. And when I sent myself a message from my work account, it appeared at the top, too. So it looks like the issue is being resolved one message at a time.

  • Ok, I'm starting to figure out what's going on. Basically, the hover text is showing me the most recent unread messages. When I searched out a few of the emails listed, they were all unread and as soon as I read them, they disappeared from the list -- only to be replaced by another unread message. So I still have a dozen old unread emails displaying, but the list changes as I read the messages.

  • Re: Updates, I do check that tab and Primary regularly, which is why the first unread messages are from weeks ago. Let me know if you have any tests you want me to run.

  • If you can send me a screenshot of the hover text and the emails listed in extension popup window, I would be curious to see the dependency for myself.

  • Everything below the top message from you in the hover is several weeks old.

  • One option is you could try marking those old emails as read: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Mark_all_unread_emails_as_read

  • That's what I just did. All of the hover emails went away and for the first time since 2004, my Gmail account has no unread messages. Never knew the Checker Plus icon was grey until now. I'll let you know if the issue repeats once some unreads pile up.

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