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Hi desktop notifications not working tried to folllow the steps provided

in the " Notifications are not opening" section but step 5 does not mention where this particular setting is located and searching on google with commas is not bringing up any options. The step is Enable extension notifications: Options > Notifications > Desktop notifications. WHERE do I go in options? There is no option menu structure like this in Windows 10/11 OR chrome or any other browser


  • Open the extension options by right clicking on the extension mail icon, then try using the bell icon to see if the notification pops up.

  • thanks for the super quick response!

    thanks for clarifying, I thought that step was referencing the windows settings menu, as I knew I was having an issue with W11 permissions so was looking for a fix for that.

    if anyone else has this issue in W11: Settings -> System -> Notifications -> Notifications from apps and other senders (should be a long list of toggles that is sortable)

    Check further down the list to see if google chrome is listed twice, and make sure it's turned on

  • ok thanks, so did this resolve the issue?

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