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How to Grab from the Clipboard on a 2021 Mac OS?

Hi Jason, thanks Man for making such a great extensions. I use it daily for work stuff on my Asus windows machine and recently bought an iMac 2021 and I use the latest chrome browser on both machines. "Explain and Send SS" works great but how do I get it to grab the clipboard on an iMac machine? Shift - command - 3 captures the screenshot but for some reason E&SSS doesnt have access to the clipboard.

Thanks for your help


  • I just google mac screenshot clipboard and I just learnt you can hold the Ctrl key in combination with those keys and the image will automatically be placed into the clipboard.

    If you are using using - 4 method you can hold Ctrl while selecting the area - I just learned something new, thanks.

  • shift - command - control - 3 works! I can now see the image in the ESSS drop down menu .....thanks Jason


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