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Support for Arc Browser? (Notifications: Missing buttons, not dismissed when read)

I've started trying the Arc Browser. Do you plan to add support for this browser?

Surprisingly, most Chrome extensions just work, with some glitches here and there, including your Gmail and Calendar extensions.

I won't overburden you with the list, as some are understandable with the tab management differences. However, the one I'm finding hardest to live without -- the notifications appear but without any buttons. I can't imagine why that is...I would expect the notifications to work the same.

More minor, the notifications are dismissed in Chrome when an email is read, but not when read from Arc. But that may be a browser thing.

Thanks for your consideration.


  • edited May 6

    Have you noticed if other extensions have notification buttons in Arc?

    The standard notification code is written for Chromium browser and it should appear if they support the buttons. Note that Firefox currently does not support buttons.

  • That was my assumption. Maybe it's built off some Firefox branch?

    Anyway, yours are the only extensions I use with notifications, and both Gmail and Calendar are missing the buttons.

  • For the calendar extension I may suggest using the default popup window setting in that case, as you have an array of button actions...

  • That option works in Arc, but gives a new full screen window. A little invasive for my tastes. :)

    Not a complaint, I'm glad it works as well as it does. Yours is my number 2 "have to have" extension after Bitwarden.

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