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Colours making itnot readable

In the standard color palette

it appears so weird. Have a look.

Can't even read some days for example.


  • Ah this is probably the Opera bug with dark theme enabled - can you try disabling that in the browser to verify.

  • Yes it is! Opera, with light mode loomks normal. However, I use dark mode in Opera and got you a coffee and am using the dark skin now in the Calender too. The bug actually brought you in some money :D I like your work dude, keep it up!

  • Opera with light mode:

    However then the drak skins look weird:

    So I use Opera indark mode and Calender in dark red by ocearn mode.

  • Dark red by ocearn:

  • ok good news I pushed out a fix for my Gmail calendar with a similar issue and i'll be doing the same for the calendar one in the next update.

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