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New notification UI for Windows is not good

Hello, I've been a user of CP for Gmail for many, many, many years, and really I can't stress enough how "not good" this change has been to my productivity.

Using native Windows notifications, where the design is easy to read (bolds for titles, usable big buttons, coherence with the OS UI in general, etc) was way better, especially when one is used to get notifications from many different apps with the same logical UI.

Please, we need a way to switch back to native Windows notifications.


  • So developers don't have much control on how the notification behave, especially the UI. Whatever options I have provided are the ones available to me, you can try toggling between Text & Rich notification in the extension options and see if that helps.

  • Hi Jason, but haven't you done any changes to the notification system in the last week?

  • Nope, but I should add the browser and OS combination can also change or update the way notifications look or behave, so either the browser or OS made an update recently. You're welcome to send me a screenshot so I can validate and keep track of these changes for my own info.

  • SasSas
    edited May 3

    Sure, this is how it looks now, it used to look just like any other Windows notification

  • Yeah that seems to be the other slightly different version that I believe they've been testing for a while, but again I have no control on it. There might be some Chrome flags that you can google around.

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