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Mac: Notifications not working when Chrome is closed

Hi! Really grateful that this extension exists but want to see if I can fully rely on it as a tool for my time-blindness.

I just downloaded the extension and the full-screen pop up is working when Chrome is open but NOT working when Chrome is closed.

I set it to "run in background when browser is closed" and ran through the FAQ on this, including:

  1. Mac users: System preferences > Notifications > Google Chrome > Allow notifications from Google Chrome
  2. Make sure Start menu > Settings > System > Focus Assist is off
  3. My computer is set to allow Google LLC and Google Updater to run in the background and to open Google Chrome to open at login
  4. I also restarted my computer.

Is there something that I'm doing wrong here? Or does Google Chrome always have to be open and I'm misunderstanding the "run in background when browser is closed" option?

Thank you for any guidance you can provide!


  • So Chrome browser has a feature that allows it to be "closed", but it really just keeps it partially loaded in the background via a browser setting and it should be visible in the system tray. Can you confirm it's there?

  • Yes, even when I quit the chrome app, I can still see the icon on the dock. Is that what you mean?

  • Yes, ok I will investigate this one, but since this one is particularly linked to the browser then implementations could change over time.

  • Thank you, appreciate it!!

  • So after some digging it would appear that Chrome on MacOS has discontinued the use of run in background, thanks for notifying me, I will be updating the extension to reflect this, thanks. The reference:


  • got it! does that mean you'll be updating the extension to say that chrome must be open or is there a way to build a workaround?

  • There does not seem to be a workaround, Chrome on Mac needs to be loaded to operate it's extensions.

  • Got it, thanks so much for letting me know!

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