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One time donation, NOT recurrent

Hi Mr. Savard,

I must report an "unpleasant event": some days ago (28,29,30/04 more or less) I installed your beatifull extension.

Being a "dark theme maniac" I suddenly wanted to unlock the theme feature so I decided to donate 10€ JUST ONE TIME.

On April 30th I received a notification from my bank that a "RECURRENT" bank debit has been opened with you.

I had to revoke the bank debit because I did not want to start e recurrent payment and I'm almout certain that choose the right option (one time) during the donation form filling.

Now I'm still using the theme feature but if you want to block it again I will understand but I had to notify you what it seems to be an issue.



  • I verified your payment from (tomm***@gmail.com) and it does appear to be a one time payment only. There was a discrepancy of incorrectly labelling some payments with the Stripe payment processor.

    If you find more than one payment receipt than send me the details and I'll investigate.

  • Hi Mr Savard,

    so you think it has been a Stripe processor's issue?

    I've correctly understood?

  • Yes, but only a visual one, meaning the underlying payment was only a one time payment, as my records reveal. But again if find any evidence of multiple transactions do let me know.

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