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More Button Options Available on Mouse Hover

Is there a way to add the selected Button Options or re-order them so that I may have the ones that I use most often appear when I hover my mouse over an email? Thanks!


  • edited April 30

    Most of the show/hide action buttons should be reflected in the hover buttons - as I can see there is archive or spam button - because you have not check them - so that appears to be working. One exception is that "move folder" button which is only visible when previewing an email.

    Let me know if there's something else in particular you are wondering about, otherwise currently there is re-order, but I would be curious what your prefer order would be and why.

  • Thanks for the reply! Let me clarify the screenshot: in Show/Hide Buttons, I have "Move to," "Mark as unread," "Add to Google Calendar," and "Listen to your email" checked, but when I hover my mouse over a message, only 4 buttons are visible, "Delete," "Mark as read," "Reply" and "Open Gmail."

    I would like all of the ones that I have checked to appear. Originally, I had "Spam" and "Archive" checked and I unchecked them to see if the other buttons that weren't visible would appear. I thought maybe 4 buttons were the max number allowed?

    I'd really like ALL of the buttons I've checked to be available on the hover. I'd use "Mark as unread", so that I can go back and read the email more closely later. Or "Add to calendar" if the email is about a meeting or something I need to act on later.

    The way I think of the extension is it's a quick snapshot of what email is waiting for me and which of those require an action from me without having to exit out of my current screen, which has been awesome.

    If 4 is the max buttons visible, I'd prefer in order: Delete, Mark as read, Mark as unread and Add to Calendar to be visible. This order is based on the most frequently used positioned on the left to the least frequently used on the right. I'm assuming the re-order feature you're talking about is something the user (I) can do? How do I do that?



  • So generally those buttons that you don't see in the email list view will be visible in the email preview. I keep them in that view as generally the user needs more context before acting on them and the list view can get pretty busy.

    There currently is no re-order option, but these are all welcome suggestions and the more comments I get on these topics the more I act on them.

  • Understood!


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