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OTP Copy Function Disappeared

The OTP copy function worked as it should for quite some time. But, for the past week, it hasn't functioned. V.2.60


  • Can you forward me the emails with the OTP codes, it's possible some variations occurred for some senders. Note it's still working for my otp codes...

  • Happy to. What address should I send them to?

  • Sorry. Now I see an email from you.

  • Sent two examples from separate gmail accounts. Each used to activate the copy function until about a week ago. Thanks for looking into this!

  • Strange seems to be working for me, would normally see the copy button from the extension preview window or the notification buttons?

  • Yes. Previously, I saw the copy button as shown.

  • Is it possible you are seeing another popup there before regarding "Display images"?

  • No popup at all.

  • Can you preview an email with a code in checker plus and then right click anywhere and select "Inspect" then select the "Console" tab and send me the logs.

    Afterwards can you also execute this line and let me know what it returns:

    !Array.from(selectorAll("paper-toast")).some(el => isVisible(el))

  • Sorry. I cut off the log in the earlier message.

  • oh it seems you have to type "allow pasting" at the bottom of the console before you copy/paste the snippet of code i sent in the message above, once you do that let me know what it returns. Note that you must do this while previewing the email.

  • ok good stuff, now let's execute these lines, they will give us more insight and send me results.

    console.info(await accounts[0].getMails()[0].getOTPCode())

    console.info(await accounts[0].getMails()[0].title);

    console.info(await accounts[0].getMails()[0].getLastMessageText({doNotPreprocessToTextContent:true}));

  • Execute in the Console while previewing an email with an OTP code?

  • Yes thanks

  • Ok we're getting there, one more line and we should see the code in the result:

    console.info(await accounts[0].getMails()[0].getLastMessageText({htmlToText:true}));

  • ok excellent, indeed the code is within snippet, i'll be pushing a fix for this in the days/week to come because it's bundled with another larger update undergoing testing.

    thanks for your feedback on this one.

  • edited April 30

    Thank you! I appreciate all the effort you've put into solving the problem.

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