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Notification times - in hours?


One feature of my current calendar app on my phone is that I can set a 12 hour notification time on an event - this means if I create an event for 8am then it will alert me the night before at 8pm. This is really handy. Unfortunately currently the only notification options in Checker Plus are in days or weeks, which doesn't allow for a notification the night before a morning event.

Can I please suggest adding an hourly notification option, since this would be very useful for some people.



  • Actually you can set reminder times in Minutes or Hours for "timed" events, just uncheck the all day box. But you might be referring to all day events, those are only in days and weeks.

  • Hi Jason,

    Ah yes I was referring to all day events, cheers

  • So I noticed Google Calendar also only offers days/weeks for all day events, and I don't like straying too far, however you can set a default time for all day events in google calendar and I have created a workaround for that in my extension:


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