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Goes Blank

clicking the pinned icon in the title bar shows a blank window and I cannot interact with any buttons. a little later, it returns to normal. tried reinstalling.


  • Are you using the default Checker Plus view or inbox view?

    Do you have other extenions installed?

    Finally can you send me the error logs:

    • Right click anywhere in the popup > Inspect > Console tab > Send me the logs

  • where is the option for type of view?

    yes, none specifically for gmail. but i know there still could be a conflict in there somewhere i suppose.

    how do i send the log? I did notice when it was blank and I right clicked and went to inspect, it went back to normal.

  • Strange, sounds like display issue, which extensions do you have installed? and have you changed any display settings recently.

  • edited April 23

    no, just started the other day. also, happens at work and at home on different machines. both running win11

  • Definitely that's a lot, can you try temporarily disabling them all and see if the issue remains.

  • edited April 24

    I disabled them all and checker seems to be ok. I'm slowly reenabling them one at a time to see if I can find the culprit.

  • I am seeing this, too. I think it started when the extension got updated to 26.1.1. I have not changed anything else (that I can think of). Restarting the browser restores the view.

  • @keitaro dou you also have others extensions installed? Have you tried disabling them temporarily?

  • I do, so I will give disabling a try.

  • Minimizing the number of enabled extensions seemed to do the trick. I am running Bitwarden, for example, but the issue has not come up since. FYI and thanks.

  • @keitaro Great, although now i'd be curious which extension is actually cause the conflict so I can warn future users.

  • I slowly re-enabled all my extensions like the other user to see if I can narrow down the culprit, but it appears that this issue is resolved. I have all my extensions enabled and have not seen the problem. Maybe disabling/enabling cleared the conflict somewhere? Thanks for looking into this.

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