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No notifications

Hey, I noticed that I dont receive popup notifications, may it be related to dnd mode not switching off?


  • If DND is enabled there will not be any notifications.

    Is there an issue with your DND settings, which one are you using?

  • I have only checked fullscreen setting.

  • Ok and when you come out of the full screen does the DND badge disappear?

  • It changes, dnd issue was just my idea of this happening.

  • Ok here is the full list to identify any notification issues: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Notifications_are_not_working

  • Is there any normal fix for that?

  • The list in the link starts with the most common and easiest solutions.

  • I don't think reinstalling the extension to fix any issue is a good solution

  • You'd be surprised, it's probably the most common extension developers solution because extensions are managed by the browser and anything can go wrong with updates or browser configurations.

  • edited April 21

    Can't it be fixed if "updates or browser configurations" causes issues since years? Reinstall didn't help. I don't see Start menu > Settings > Privacy > Background apps > Let apps run in background.

  • I'm not sure if it should look like that

  • No because the browser framework can sometimes be root cause.

    What happens when you click the test notification button in the extension?

  • Ok can you send me the error logs after trying the test button: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

  • Like that?

    common.js:5312 storage.init()

    background.js:150 alarm everyMinute

    common.js:1823 initMisc

    common.js:5312 storage.init()

    common.js:2715 fetch error: TypeError: Failed to fetch

    fetchWrapper @ common.js:2715

    common.js:1839 loadLocaleMessages: 2.31201171875 ms

    common.js:1849 initAllAccounts: 8.6689453125 ms

  • Ok good so no errors related to notifications, this is most likely an OS/browser setting issue, have you tried restarting the browser and computer?

  • are you getting any other browser or extension notifications (from others)

  • I don't get other notifications

  • Can you go into the system notification options again and make sure there is no system dnd set and that notifciations are enabled for Chrome and maybe even the extension if you see it in the list below...

  • I think notifications are turned off and blocked from modifying.

  • Ah yeah that would explain it and seems to indicate a system admin configuration might be controlling those settings, if my polish translation is correct ;)

  • Can't they be internal with the browser?

  • No, the OS (Windows, Mac and Linux) gradually took over the notification control away from the developers.

    Exceptionally my calendar extension uses a popup window (not a notification) for it's reminder, so that frees me from that limitation.

  • Thank you, desktop notifications got turned off after a Windows Update for some reason.

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