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  • Just curious, are you aware that there is already a Darcula theme in checker plus for gmail & calendar? Is this an updated version?

  • The Darcula Theme and Dracula are two very different themes. The one I made is based on this theme https://draculatheme.com/

    "Darcula is a dark theme from Jetbrains IDEs which is not related to the Dracula family of themes."

  • oh that's confusing, ok i'll put it in my queue, thanks.

  • Unfortunately they have very similar names, but they are very different themes.

  • So if I'm asking for too much let me know, but my themes have one source file that is shared amongst my Gmail and Calendar, makes things easier if I have to modify them, would you be able to merge the 2 .css files into one - I'm asking because perhaps you probably know the specific css lines you modified and could adapt them into one.

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