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Please cancel Subscription

Hi Jason,

I tried to cancel my subscription, but I get an odd error that says, if your email address is found. Contact your developer. Not sure what that means but I would like to cancel my subscription. Also, when you attempt to log in using Google. It makes you reset your password before you can login. That needs to change.





  • Sure, can you give you me more details on this reset password, is this when you are using the extension?

  • Sure I clicked on Sign in using Google and the next screen was the create password screen instead of just the login. Interestingly enough I am already logged into Gmail on another tab.

  • Is this the button to the right...

  • No, it was this one:

  • oh ok so my forum sign in, so you had to change your password, and this was your google password or a forum specific password? and then you were able to sign in.

  • It led me to a page where I had to reset my google password. At least that is what I thought I was doing. Was it asking me to reset my password for this forum?

  • ok i'll look into it, thanks for the details, I have cancelled your subscription.

  • Thank you, Jason!!!

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