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Label settings being reset with every update!

Good day,

It seems as if each time there is an update or every couple of weeks my labels that I have configured to trigger notifications are reset to Inbox alone -this means that I get notified for every single email instead of just those which are filtered via labels and I have to deselect Inbox and select those labels again and again!

Can this be resolved please?


  • Do you think it's all settings or just the labels that are being reset?

  • I haven't noticed any other settings being changed - however I haven't customized any other setting (except perhaps disabling repeat notifications for the same email).

  • Ok going forth if you could change another setting just for testing so we can determine next time if it's a general reset or specific to the labels that would help my investigation. You are also welcome to log that change here and note the extension version number you are currently using to keep track.

  • I've noticed this as well. This time, I will take screenshots of all my settings after resetting them, and will watch for next update.

  • Happened twice again since I last posted. You can probably reproduce it by unselecting the Inbox label and selecting any other label and check back after the next update to see if Inbox is checked again.

  • Ok thanks for the details, now I'm wondering if all the settings are reset or just the labels one, can you determine if any other setting was affected? can you change a random one right now and take note of it here so we can verify next time.

  • I actually just changed one- I unchecked 'Show icon animation' under the BUTTONS section. So after the next update will check back.

  • The 'Show icon animation' under the BUTTONS is checked once again even though I unchecked it so it could be that many or ALL configurations are being erased with each update! So this looks like a major bug that need to be fixed.

  • edited June 12

    Did you get an update between June 10th when you unchecked the show animation and now?

    What versions did you see change?

  • edited June 12

    Good news I found a possible fix for this issue which will go in the next update, can you change another setting again and for the next update it should stick. Note that it will be v27.1+ as 27.0 was just released without the fix. Also note for some reason this issue is only affecting a small portion of users which I can't figure exactly why, might be related to user storage space.

  • @Jason not sure if I got an update between June 10th and now but I have 27.0.2 now. I just changed back my Label & Button settings. So will check after v27.1 is released.

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