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Calendar: Past Events Notification Keeps Popping Out

I have an issue with Checker Plus for Google Calendar, despite Do not show notifications for past events" is enabled.

I still keep getting notifications for past events. Is it perhaps because I just click close instead of clicking the checkmark button on the pop-up notification?

Please see the screenshot for more reference for my notification settings.


  • Yes, clicking the X simply snoozes this reminder window for 5 minutes.

    Click the checkmark to Dismiss events within the window.

  • @Jason Is it possible to add an option to dismiss event notifications by clicking X in addition to clicking the checkmark?

    Since all the notifications I get are commonly dismissed by clicking the X button of the window hence I don't click the checkmark button.

  • Interesting idea, I was trying to mimic Outlook's behaviour. But I could try putting an option to change this functionality.

  • Awesome. Thank you.

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