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The email refresh countdown timer is gone

I don't know how long, but I noticed the countdown timer for a refresh is no longer displaying on the Gmail page. As I have Gmail pulling from multiple email accounts, the refresh would trigger gmail pulling from those other accounts every couple of minutes.

Is that still a feature or was that removed?

I scanned through the options but didn't notice something I should have set that is not set. Where is that option enabled?

I did disable all other plugins to make sure there wasn't a conflict but with just Checker Plus for Gmail enabled, it still wasn't showing on my Gmail page. I tried multiple computers.

Any troubleshooting hints?


  • My Gmail extension never had a countdown timer, it only had a badge of unread counts on the button icon. You might be confusing it with another Gmail extension.

  • Ah - that explains why I couldn't find the option. :-D

    Sorry for the confusion.

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