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installation in a new browser and snoozed events from the olde one

Hi, Jason

I always used the extension with firefox, but this week I switched to chrome due to memory consumption issues. I had snoozed events in firefox and chrome doesn't inherent them. Do I have to create those events in chrome with a new date and then they'll pop up and I'll snoozed them?



  • Yes and mainly because the syncs happen with browser account profiles, so Edge to Edge etc, but not between different browser brands.

    One option I use is "Snoozing moves events" this way the are synced to your google calendar and then any device will see the "snoozed" events.

  • Great! Do I check this option on Firefox extension or Chrome extension?

  • This is more of going forward option because it won't make any retroactive difference. You will have to find your previously snoozed Firefox events.

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