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Extension doesn't check for new emails


This is happening for about a month now, I'm not sure if it's since last update. First, the extension stops looking for new emails unless I click the update button manually, then, after a few days, right clicking on the extension icon stops working. I can reinstall the extension and solve both problems, but after a couple of days it starts happening again.

I'm using Firefox and Windows 11. Thank you for everything.

Kind regards.


  • Do you have other extensions installed? try disabling them.

  • I'm afraid that it's the only one.

  • 2 things, do you have any regular system scans, such as antivirus/malware that might be interfering?

    also could you try creating a test firefox profile and install the extension under that profile and monitor it.

  • Indeed, sometimes when I'm going to close Firefox, my antivirus shows a pop up about something related with google analytics, so it might be related. I'm going to take a look. Thanks.

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