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dark mode bug

The browser settings' dark mode makes the email very dark after opening, which was not a problem before.


  • Is this an Opera only issue? Does it affect other extensions or websites?

  • @Jason

    It is indeed the Opera browser. It currently seems to affect other browser extensions as well, likely due to a recent update. Other plugins also switch to dark mode. I am not using a forced mode; the outside is white, and only when I click into the email does it turn dark.

  • Ok I'll look into it, as currently my extension does not set a default background color in email previews - a quick workaround right now is to add a custom css in the extension and set the body {backbround: white}

  • Hello. Can you tell us in more detail which file needs to be corrected? I just don’t understand this at all, I barely found the folder with the required extension...

  • edited April 10

    @Roman1818 You can use the the skins and themes feature within the extension's menu more info here and choose the Custom button: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Skins_and_Themes

  • @Jason, It's clear. I just want to solve the problem with displaying email previews when the dark theme is set in Opera. On the topic of the post.

  • @Jason, Do you plan to add this to the original version in future updates? ) It’s just difficult to send donations in Russia now

  • @Roman1818 I've queue it for investigation, but i'm also hoping Opera was going to fix this on their end first ;)

  • @Jason, well, it’s much more difficult to contact Opera than it is to contact you :) okay, I’ll wait for changes for the better. And the extension is super, thank you for it)

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