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Can't record screen or take screenshot of screen

Hi there! Long time user of the Explain & Send Screenshots extension, absolutely love it and can't imagine using Chrome without it these days, lol.

I recently started trying to use more of the features, and while doing so, learned that any functionality related to the 'entire screen' does not work for me. This means that both "Screen" screenshot and "Record Screen" video option are both not working.

When I select "Screen", I get a popup window that automatically minimizes. When I open it, it is blank except for a red textbox that reads: "NotAllowedError: Invalid state".

When I select "Record Screen", I get a similar new window - though this time it does not automatically minimize, and the error looks and reads differntly. This error says "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'chooseDesktopMedia'). I have attached a screenshot of each error.

My first thought was permissions issues. So I made sure the extension had the appropriate browser permissions. I then made sure Chrome has appropriate system permissions to read the screen. It does.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the extension, restarted chrome, and the behavior persists. Please let me know if there are additional troubleshooting steps you think I should try, or if I should likely file this away as "to be fixed, check back later"?

I am running MacOS Sonoma Version 14.4.1 (though this issue happened prior to the lastest updates, just never got around to googling or troubleshooting). Chrome Version 123.0.6312.59.



  • Can you click the Chrome menu icon > More tools > Extensions

    Select Developer mode at the top right

    Find the extension and click the Details link and let me know which permissions are granted:

  • Interesting! It appears I am missing the record and capture permission in your screenshot. I attached my extension permissions settings as well, in case there's something there that I'm missing that might help with this.

    While trying to get these screenshots for you, I learned of another symptom. My "Entire Page" screenshot option no longer works correctly. At first I thought it was just because I was on an internal chrome page, so I went and tested on some random website. It will still take the "entire page" screenshot, but interestingly only progresses down the page for an additional screenshot if I click my mouse. If I select "Entire Page" and wait - nothing happens until I click - at which point it moves and finishes the screenshot normally.

  • I have been able to replicate the screen capture issue, but only on a Mac, so it might be Mac/Chrome related - I'll investigate further tomorrow, thanks for the details.

  • Good news I found the culprit, it's a Mac system setting that you'll have to enable yourself:

    System settings .. Security & Privacy .. Privacy tab .. Screen Recording .. check Google Chrome

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