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Cannot "Sign in with Chrome" and using Google Apps for EDU so can't "Sign in with Google"

As is noted elsewhere in the Wiki and Forum, if I'm using a "custom" (non gmail.com) domain I cannot "Sign in with Google" to use the Extension (Checker Plus for Google Calendar) and "Sign in with Chrome" either does nothing or tells me to try "Sign in with Google" (which the documentation says I cannot do). If I have to search for something else I will, but I started using this extension because the previous three I'd used stopped being supported.


  • It's possible your system administrator might have to allow or whitelist this extension for your use.

  • Not in our domain, we don't implement those controls (not that it hasn't been considered). Doing so would melt our IT Support Services team into an incandescent glowing puddle virtually immediately (which, in case it isn't obvious, would be bad).

    I also had gone ahead and deleted access via Google's "Third-party apps & services" account settings applet, then attempted to re-connect...which didn't immediately result in a re-grant being logged. (In fact it took so long that I re-installed the extension figuring bit-rot had claimed it.) Alas, the extension still thinks it has zero access.

  • Oh interesting so the third party app services indicated it had been given access at one point?

    After attempting a Chrome sign in with the app and failing can you send me the error logs: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

  • I also can no longer sign in with Chrome. None of the options in the logging link are avaialable for me to gather.

  • I managed to gather some logs, and used them to do some more debugging here (alas, no dice). That done, I'm still not sure where to send them...

  • @BenSnowden Ok good news it's a regression bug with my last update affecting the Chrome sign in button only, i'll be pushing a fix very soon.

  • @Jason TY for the update, I'll watch this space.

  • @BenSnowden Good news both my extensions have been updated with a fix for this, you can force the update with this: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates Let me know how it goes.

  • Thanks. The update resolved the issue. Appreciate the quick fix.

  • @Jason TY, the canary deployed and is alive & well. :-)

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