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5 mailboxes in gmail checker. none that is updated

this is the second time within a few days.

i have 5 mailboxes added to the gmail checker.

it now shows the same open, non red emails since yesterday... i cannot delete them in the checker, and the refresh does not work, no update..

last time about 5 days ago, I had to uninstall all and reinstall.. but this cannot be the solution.

i am using the extension for years without there issues.

reassigning the email accounts again is not possible automatically. was never. i have to use the manual way.


  • what is different in the extension, before uninstalling gmail checker, there is one service inactive.. after installation it is active

  • Ok so that I understand, after 5 days all the inboxes stop being monitored for new emails by my extension?

    And the only solution last time was to reinstall the extension?

  • yes, and shown new mails i could not delete, they just reappeared. opening the mailbox from the extension was also not possible.

    did reinstall yesterday again and for now inboxes in the extension are working

  • There was a big update regarding an extension framework change that now uses service workers, hopefully it was jus a transitional bug, do let me know if it happens again: https://jasonsavard.com/blog/making-extensions-safer-with-manifest-v3/

  • great. thanks für checking. will observe the comming weeks.

  • edited March 11

    Just another note, if it happens again, try just restarting the browser make sure to use Chrome menu .. Exit and let me know if that temporarily resolves the issue.

  • ok thanks. I now get this message on some of the email boxes... no clue what this is... refresh does not help.

  • Ok I'll be pushing a fix for this issue soon in v25.0.12, for the meantime just restart the browser I think to resolve it.

  • guess i found the source for the 'freeze' i initially reported here. it happens each time chrome is updated... after that update, the addon mail checker is not working anymore and needs new installation, as it happend to me again last evening.

    would be great that such chrome updates are not changing the add on behaviour

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