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Profile Error Occured when opening new browser window

Hi, for a while now I've been getting a Profile Error when closing all windows and opening a new one. It logs me out in both the browser and the gmail extension and I have to log in again


  • I have tried reinstalling, restarting the browser/computer. Nothing helped.

  • I don't think this Profile error is related to my extension, you can try disabling it to verify this.

  • Sorry I should have added, I disabled the extension which resolved the issue.

  • Can you try creating a new test profile and install the extension under that one https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Corrupt_browser_profile

  • I get the same issue :/ Here's the steps I took:

    1. Create a new user without a google account named 'test'
    2. Install gmail extension
    3. Login to google through gmail extension
    4. Close the window
    5. Open new window
    6. User Profile Error, logged out of extension
  • This is first time I hear of this particular error, can you try these things https://www.makeuseof.com/windows-chrome-profile-error-occured/

  • Clearing cache seems to have fixed it. Thanks :)

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