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I noticed that if I enter a birthday in Google Contacts, it shows in Google Calendar, but the same does not seem true for anniversaries entered in Google Contacts. Is this something that Checker Plus can do?


  • Is the birthday calendar selected in the extension, refer to this: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Visible_calendars_in_popup_window

  • Yes, birthday calendar is selected

  • Hmm I am seeing birthdays in my calendar, can you try double clicking the refresh button in the extension calendar window at the top right.

  • Yes, I have birthdays showing in my calendar too, I just don't see anniversaries.

  • Oh how are anniversaries different from birthdays? are they from the same calendar?

    Can you show me a screenshot from your Google Calendar of these anniversaries?

  • They are entered as an additional date in contacts

  • Ok didn't know about that field, but I just tested it and after refreshing, I also saw that anniversaries work show in my extension...

  • Ok, I looked more into it, and I see that I don't have an option in Checker Plus for Birthdays. Not sure why?

  • Ah so you are not seeing the Birthdays calendar listed, can you double click the refresh button in the calendar extension window.

  • Still doesn't show. It does show in Google Calendars, just missing in Checker Plus

  • I just rebooted, and that didn't help either.

  • Hmm let's try reinstalling the extension and see if that works.

  • Reinstalled the extension, same issue

  • So the Birthdays calendar is not listed in the extension?

    Can you show me a screenshot of this Birthday calendar from your Google Calendar website?

  • My apologies, it was in calendar settings, birthday was unchecked. It must have happened in error.

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