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add guest by default


Please add an option to add a guest by default to every new meeting



  • Which guest, do you mean yourself?

  • No. I mean another person/s that will be added by default to every meeting.

    In my case, on my personal calendar I'm always adding my wife as a guest. It would be good to have an option to make it a default behavior, much like the default notification settings or other default configs for each meeting

    Thank you

  • Interesting suggestion, generally I try follow suit with Google Calendar's native features, are you aware if they explored this or if it's been suggested.

  • I'm not aware of that, but I am using an Android app (Business Calendar 2) that implemented this feature as a template: Templates – Business Calendar Customer Support

  • edited March 6

    Ok I've added to my suggestions queue, but I can't promise it will be prioritized right now, but should others make some noise on this topic it will help.

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