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The Reminder Notification Popup Stopped Working...

Hey Jason,

Hope all is well.

I've been using Checker Plus for Google for years now with no issues. However, in the last few days or so, I noticed that I haven't been getting the normal reminder notification popups for my events. They're mostly all-day events and for some reason, I haven't been getting them anymore.

While testing, I noticed the following:

- I would need to click the 'Refresh' to update the extension display. Somehow, it seems that it's not getting updated right away.

- Most of the time, the reminder notification popup will come up after Chrome starts. Then it wouldn't come up anymore. To test, I would snooze for 5 minutes but it doesn't come back up after 5 minutes anymore.

- In settings, I also tested the 'Desktop Notification' Popup window: the Test Event popup comes up okay and the Test Event gets added to the calendar okay but after snoozing for 5 minutes, it also doesn't come back up.

So after I reinstalled it:

- The extension now seems to get updated automatically so I don't need to hit 'Refresh' anymore.

- However, the reminder notification popup is still not coming up even after Chrome starts.

- In settings, the Test Event popup continues to come up okay but after snoozing it for 5 minutes, it still doesn't come back up after. Also, the Test Event unlike the above is not getting added to the calendar this time.

I've been playing with it and testing it for the last couple of days and I'm not sure what else I could try.

So can you help me out please?





  • edited February 29

    Ok let's start with easy tests, can you add a quick add event by typing in the extension popup window, "test 2min" this will add an event in your calendar for 2 minutes from now.

    Once it triggers then try snoozing it for 5min and let me know how it it goes.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    So I did as instructed and after snoozing it for 5 minutes, the popup reminder never came back.

    Some observations:

    -- I saw the test added on both the extension window and my Google Calendar.

    -- Before I did the test, there was no "Snoozed events" entry in the extension Options dropdown menu.

    -- But after I did the test, there's now a "Snoozed events" in the extension Options dropdown menu listing my expected snoozed events. However, the test event I did above is not there.

    Hope that helps.

    And thanks again.

  • Can you make sure this is not checked...

    So there are other snoozed events, but not this "test" event?

    Can you send me a screenshot of this snoozed reminders window

  • Yes, the "Snoozing moves the event to a new time" is not checked.

    And yes, "there are other snoozed events, but not this "test" event?".

    Also, after restarting Chrome, the extension again starts with no "Snoozed events" entry in the extension Options dropdown menu.

    Then I did test2...

    Sending screenshots...

    1 - Immediately after Chrome startup.png

    2 - After triggering test2.png

    3 - After adding and snoozing 5mins test2.png

    4 - After waiting for over 15 mins after test2.png

    5 - Snooze moves setting.png

    So, after waiting for over 15 mins after snoozing test2 and it never came back, I was going to check the Snoozed events so I can make a screenshot for you as you requested... but I noticed that it wasn't available on the menu again.

    However, surprisingly, both test and test2 were listed on screenshot 2.

    Again, hope it helps... and thanks again!

  • p.s. BTW... I did see all 4 snoozed events when I checked the "Snoozed events" on the dropdown menu minutes after I snoozed test2... but like I mentioned above, it was not there after waiting 15 minutes or so.

  • Did you enable the run in background option?

    Do you have other extension installed? Can you try disabling them all.

    Then try reinstalling the extension and not restoring any options and not setting any options.

    Then try the test again.

  • Okay, so here's what I did:

    1. Disabled all extensions except Checker Plus... issue remains.

    2. Uninstalled Checker Plus, cleared browser cache, restarted pc for a fresh start, reinstalled Checker Plus with all other extensions still disabled.

    3. With Checker Plus the only enabled extension, I did test5... and the reminder didn't even get triggered at all so I couldn't snooze it... and Snoozed events not available in the Options dropdown menu.

    4. Restarted Chrome, added test6, and just like test 5, I just saw a small message notification saying that it's been added but no reminder window popup that got triggered so i couldn't snooze it. And again no Snoozed events available in the Options dropdown menu.

    5. I clicked on test the Desktop notification Popup window... and it triggered the popup window okay and snoozed it for 5 minutes. The Snoozed events is now available in the Options dropdown menu and shows test6. Unfortunately, never got the reminder popup and the Snoozed events is now again not available in the Options dropdown menu.

    6. I tried the test again as #5 above... same results.

    7. I did test6 and then test7 just for the sake of trying... same results.

    8. And just for the heck of it, I noticed a new Chrome update so I did it then did test8... and unfortunately... same results.

    So, what else can I do? What else can I try. It doesn't seem to work even after re-intalling it and as the only extension active.

    Next step?

    And thanks again... I truly appreciate your help here.

    p.s. I never used "run in background option" because I also don't use it in Chrome.

  • Which Chrome version do you have?

    Ok so you disabled all extensions except checker and then reinstalled and didn't modify any extension options.

    Ok let's do the quick add "test 3min" you should see the calendar icon badge days "3m" and countdown every minute until "1m" and then the reminder window should pop up.

    Let me know which of that works.

  • Chrome is up to date

    Version 122.0.6261.95 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    And nope, I didn't modify any extension options.

    So I did test9 as instructed... a reminder window popup got triggered this time and I snoozed for 5 mins. I also saw the badge countdown from 3m, 2m, then seems to get stuck at 2m... 

    Also, I saw Snoozed events in the Options dropdown menu while in the 3m mark but now that it's stuck at 2m... it's no longer showing at the Options dropdown menu.

    And nothing came back after 5 minutes.

  • p.s. BTW... before this latest test... I noticed that 1m was showing in the badge... most probably from the previous test but it's been 1m for quite a while. Just thought I'd mention it too.

  • ok so the simplest test is to see if that countdown freezes, can you do another test for "test 10min" and see at which minute it gets stuck at.

  • Okay, just did the 10min test... will watch it...

    Interestingly enough, the previous test9 reminder popup got triggered so I snoozed it for 5 minutes... then after 30-45 seconds later... the test10 reminder popup got triggered and so I was able to snooze it for 5 minutes. And now... it seems that it's stuck at 9m.

    Also, test10 is listed in Snoozed events at Options dropdown menu... continuing the countdown... I saw 3... 2... and 1. Now I'm just waiting to see what it will do next. I'm not clicking snooze... just closing the popup window.

    Well... nothing happened. It seems that after that countdown in the Snoozed events... the Snoozed events at the dropdown menu just disappeared again.

    And... the badge countdown is still stuck at 9m.

  • Let's forget, the snoozing actually the most important thing is do nothing with the extension - i believe it's "falling asleep" but i want to test that. Can you do another test for "test 10min" just to see how far the count goes without doing anything.

  • Okay... I can try that... but what do I do when it triggers the reminder window immediately after I add it? I've been snoozing it to 5 minutes. Just close the window without snoozing it?

  • Okay... I won't even close it... just not do anything first... and just watch the countdown for now...

  • BTW... FYI... I had to enable the other Chrome extensions because I had to do something that required them. I can disable all of them again if you want me to later. Just let me know.

  • Actually please keep the extensions disabled and while doing these tests - trying to eliminate all possible causes. So create the "test 10min" and nothing else but watch the timer go down ;)

  • Okay... after over 10 minutes... it's still stuck at 9m.

    I will now disable all extensions and restart chrome like before... and then do the test again.

  • FYI... just before disabling all the extensions... I tried 'test 5min' because I was curious to see if it will get stuck at 4m. Well, it did get stuck at 4m and also when it changed from 5m to 4m, the reminder popup came up showing the current test with other previous tests.

    So, after disabling all other extensions and restarting Chrome, I started the 'test 10mins'... and like above, it got stuck at 9m. Also like above, the reminder popup came up at 9m mark and I didn't do anything and while it's open, I can see it showing... i.e. "test 3:31 pm - in 5 min."... and counting down... and stopped at 1 min. and then nothing happened. Seems to hang from there too. But when I try to refresh the popup window... the countdown disappeared.

    Then I tried "test 5 mins"... same as above happened... got stuck at 4m.

  • edited February 29

    Did you play with any Chrome flags?

    Do you have external software like anti-viruses etc that are running regularly?

    Another test we can try is creating a test Chrome profile without syncing anything and install the extension under that profile.

  • The only Chrome flag that I tried in the last week or so is the "Parallel downloading". It was set at default and I enabled it. I thought about it so I set it back to default a few days ago and it didn't seem to make a difference.

    Also, I'm using a VPN Surfshark. I tried turning it Off and On... and it also didn't seem to make a difference.

    I've also been using Malwarebytes Premium for years and it has not reported anything unusual.

    I've also not played around with Chrome profiles. This pc is a live development/production pc and I try to keep it as simple as I can to avoid unnecessary issues. I can't afford risks on this pc.

  • Ah so you are a power user ;) There is definitely something that is interfering with the extension at very basic "alarm" functionality.

    Can you reset your Chrome flags and temporarily disable malware, vpn etc.

  • I will try...

  • Okay, so I reset my Chrome flags and disabled both malware and vpn... and it didn't seem to make a difference. I had the same results.

    I have an idea... can you do me a favour?

    Do you think you can assign the new contribution that I sent you this morning to a Firefox version so I can use it with all the features like here in Chrome?

    I can try it there and do some more testing in there too and if the problem continues... then at least that will tell us something?

    What do you think?

  • I tried using the Firefox version yesterday but it didn't have all the extra features so I couldn't really do much testing on it.

  • My hope is that it will work without any issues in Firefox so I can at least use it there while I/we figure this issue here in Chrome.

  • I will need to get back to work sometime soon... :)

  • Can you try installing this simple timer extension: https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/focus-timer/jdgkhgoanhhnileehaipfpffmnfiiibh

    and set a timer and see if the countdown changes.

  • Sorry, I was not able to get back here earlier... a client called and had to help.

    So, I installed the Focus Timer that you mentioned above and it worked with no problems. I ran the full 20-minute countdown and it completed fine. Then I also ran the next 5-minute countdown and it also completed fine.

  • There are two more tests we can try the first is you can try to create a test Chrome profile and install the extension under that one do not sync the settings or the profile the second test is you can download Chrome Beta and try it under that.

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