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Notification Close Out timeout

Yesterday I had to reinstall the extension after years of usage, the reinstalled extension options are missing Close Out timeout values more than 6 seconds, previously I remember I had set it to 15 seconds. Is that not possible anymore or my extension is corrupt?


  • edited February 22

    You are correct, I have recently removed those options because the operating systems have my default limited to notification timeouts to 5 seconds, however they are configurable now at the OS level. So I might reinvestigate adding the options back again with the extension, but it would require the user to also manually sync those changes with their OS so it's not ideal.

  • edited March 28

    Unfortunately this is not configurable at the OS level on macOS

    Would it be possible to re-add the option to increase this beyond 7 seconds again? 7 seconds is still far to short to interact with the notification at a meaningful level.

  • Good news v26.0 will have 7s, 15s and 30s for PC users.

    @Robert Schumacher Mac users as could have the infinite value, but they would have to select Alerts (instead of Banners) at the OS level.

  • :( Why only up to 7 sec?

    Infinite does not fulfill the need.

    The issue is 7 sec is not long enough to use notification actions. Even if you do manage to drop the menu in that time period, the notice disappears before you can select an item or if the menu remains after the notice disappears (which does happen...sometimes) and you then select an item, it does not do the selected action.

  • edited March 28

    @Robert Schumacher Because Mac OS doesn't have any timeout configuration, unlike the PC, I would consider this a Mac bug/suggestion.

    And if I were to offer the 15s and 30s to Mac users they would have to jump through hurdles of setting their notifications to Alerts to stay longer then the default 5 seconds? and then my extension would be in charge of dismissing it after 15s or 30s. But even the 15s is not guaranteed because my extensions have moved over to mv3 which means they unload from memory automatically and timers of less than 60 seconds are not gauranteed to execute. So technically it's pretty difficult to simulate these notifications delays on Mac.

  • Hmmm...even as a developer I'm not familiar with the limitations on macOS myself but there are other programs that do keep alerts up longer than 10 sec. Maybe this is a Chrome specific limitation? Or maybe these other programs use the mechanism you were describing that would be problematic for your extension.

    I can try to find some of these other program alerts that I can use as an example to do a screen recording and check which kind of alert they use.

    If you think that would be useful.

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