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dismiss past events automatically in pop up

Is there a way to automatically dismiss past events automatically in pop up, e.g. after a few minutes?

I know all events can be dismissed at once, but that would be even more convenient. Thanks


  • Interesting suggestion, what is defined as a past event? Let's say there was an event notification 5 minutes before you sat down infront of the computer, would you want that even to be dismissed before you saw it? Can you give me more details on the use case.

  • Me personally, I would pick 5min, but I think it could be adjustable.

    "would you want that event to be dismissed before you saw it" --> Yes. Though I wouldn't be mad if the setting is 'Don't dismiss while idle' or something like that.

    I am using your extension exclusively as a reminder function, because Google Calendar's reminder isn't aggressive enough, especially when I'm in another call.

    But I have no use for all these old events, and the pop-up keeps coming up at for me (because I haven't looked into it) random times, which I assume are reminders of old events.

    Tbh I'm not sure what the use is to be reminded of events from a while ago, I think it comes down to which of the many functions folks are using the extension for

  • What do you think about this previous related suggestion: https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/8264/notifications-for-past-events

  • If I understand it correctly, it's the same suggestion as mine, just that I would perceive 24hours as way too long. I have 10-12 events per day.

    I also do want to mention that I do'nt fully understand the toggle " Do not show notifications for past events", I was expecting it to address my issue, but I guess I am looking for a box that says "Don't keep showing notifications for events that have passed".

  • Yeah I guess they're slightly different, I was trying to merge these features somehow to keep it simple. I'll brainstorm how to implement this, thanks for the feedback.

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