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BUG - dismiss doesn't dismiss reminders

I click the dismiss (checkmark) and still seems i'll get the same reminders next time I open the browser or after a while, many of those for past events too.. I started using delete instead but it's not good enough solution.. i dont want to delete all events..


  • Can you let me know which extension version you are using?

    Does it happen for every event or specific ones or just recurring ones etc.?

  • and next time if you try dismissing an event - you know will fail, can you afterwards send me the background error logs: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

  • thank you, version 34.0.1 on latest Edge

    it seems to be all events, not just recurring, there's a chance after second dismissal some will not rise again but actually hard to track, i'll try noticing

    On Edge i'm not sure how i provide what you wrote for chrome re service workers

  • Let's do some incremental tests, can you add a quick add event by typing in the extension popup window, "test 2min" this will add an event in your calendar for 2 minutes from now.

    and then try dismissing it.

  • ok it was dismissed without coming back by itself for few minutes, then i created another event and now it still didn't come back, maybe it comes back after computer goes to sleep or something?


    P.s. another issue is the last event is usually cut in Edge and i can't expand more

  • dismiss issue: if you can replicate the issue by putting the machine to sleep let me know.

    window cut issue: can you send me larger screenshot so i can get the whole context, you can blur our details if you wish

  • I noticed something possibly related that started a few days ago. Now when I click on a video link to join a meeting the reminder dialog is dismissed but a few minutes later it pops back up. I made sure the 'Dismiss event when joining video' option is checked.

  • @Cory Can you systematically reproduce the issue? perhaps let's start with just dismissing events without a video link.

  • Dismissing by clicking on the checkmark works fine.

  • @Cory@Cory I created a separate thread for this issue here can you give me a screenshot of a typical event with meeting and where you click to dismiss it: https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/8302/dismiss-event-with-when-clicking-video-issue#latest

  • dismissed - didn't replicate yet sucesfully

    attached the notifications - it was set to 'normal' in size, i changed it now to auto i can play with the size too , maybe it happens when there is scrollbar shown

  • but now on auto i noticed it gives you a much bigger window than your reminders area

  • Can you tell me if you are using any Windows or Chrome zoom settings? Or any font enlarging?

    Also can you let me know what devicePixelRatio result is when you visit this page:


  • Good news I've fixed the cutoff issue in the latest 35.0.4 on the Chrome Store, I'll be pushing it to the Edge store soon also.

  • That's great thanks!

    Unfortunately now I see the undismissed came back, i suddenly have reminders for like 20-30 past events that i dismissed many of them :(

  • So there were 2 significant changes in the last update, one was the cutoff issue - should be resolved, correct?

    Then then there were very old reminders that were being automatically dismissed, those could now have resurfaced with this latest update - but if they are dismissed going forth they should not re-appear.

  • oh looks like! thanks for the fixes!

  • i think now i just don't get notifications for my Google Tasks, it doesn't show on the calendars list too

  • I'm clicking the settings menu (btw it's not burger menu like in doc.) :) then I don't have Tasks in my calendar list, only other private and public calendars

  • It is actually, but you need to access the popup window from the calendar icon button in the toolbar ;)

  • i'll continue to follow and update but I must warn that I think that a notification i dismissed reappeared :(

  • Ok any details so that you and I can replicate it will help us.

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