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Weird dot under the notification sign

Hi, I am using Checker Plus for Gmail and I have encountered the following problem after the update On each tab there is a blue dot under the regular notification sign. If I put the pointer onto the sign it says "Permission needed", even though the extension functions perfectly, all the Gmail accounts are logged in and synchronized. If I click the extension, the dot immediately vanishes, but only until I open a new tab. While I'm on the new tab, the dot appears again. If I return to the old tab, where I have already clicked onto the extention, the dot doesn't appear. I have not found any information about it in FAQ and forum, so it seems for me that it is a bug. Anyway, I would appreciate to know how to make this blue dot disappear forever.


  • Maybe I should add that I use Firefox 122.0.1 (64-bit) on Linux.

  • I'm having the same problem. I wanted to add that when checking the permission tab for this extension, all permissions have been allowed and the dot still shows.

    Firefox 122.0.1 (64-bit) on Ubuntu 22.04

  • @felipe.castillo So I can tell you that there is no code in my extension to produce a dot :)

    So most likely a new Firefox behaviour indicating something about the tab, you can try googling and see if anything makes sense, but it seems that this blue dot has been around before.

  • @Jason Yes, the dot is added by Firefox. This is likely some change with the new manifest v3, or how extensions should ask for permissions. This also explains why loading a new page triggers the permissions code in Firefox and shows this.

    This is also not the only extension that I have a problem with, and the other author hasn't reply to the bug report either.

    I've attached a screenshot for reference, although I don't think it'll help. It's mostly for other people finding this thread.

  • I think this bug report is what's happening:

    There are some workarounds there, but probably none are optimal.

  • edited February 20

    @felipe.castillo Good finding, so go ahead and make some noise on that thread to push up it's priority so the Firefox team fixes it ;)

  • I'm getting the same sort of issue, but I get a permanent green dot, every time I visit a new page, indicating that a permission needs to be re-granted to the extension, as shown here:

    Looking into the context menu, it appears to be because permissions are permanently set to "only when clicked," which undoes itself after clicking onto a new page, so I have to open the extension over and over, to grant it those permissions.

  • @Jason Thank you very much for the prompt replies. You are doing really a great job with developing these extensions. As I have found out, one can grant permission to all websites: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/76083327/firefox-extension-manifest-v3-request-permission-to-access-your-data-for-all

    May I know if I as user can do it? Or it needs to be added to the extension by developer?

  • @viktor That can only be requested by the extension, and I would not implement that because of the security implications. Just star the issue to prioritize it for the Firefox team.

  • For those that are using custom CSS in Firefox, here's a way to hide the green dot: https://www.reddit.com/r/FirefoxCSS/comments/1azyv0q/im_trying_to_hide_a_green_dot_under_an_extension/

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